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Sunday, 17 June 2012

First Half of 2012

Thought I’d do a round-up of my writing year so far …

As well as my stories in the Jawbreakers and 100RPM anthologies I mentioned in this previous post, my story ‘Rooftops’ was in the shortlist for Short Fiction’s 6th Annual Short Story Competition  and a flash, ‘Waiting in the Window’ was longlisted for the Flashbang
competition. Quite a challenge for me to write a crime flash in 150 words. This competition produced some great winners. Amazing what you can do in so few words.

My reading-vids for the two 100RPM stories Here and My Boy are now on youtube and a handful of people have actually watched them!

I also had another six stories published online ...

Cat and Dog and Her Name were the result of writing to prompts in the run up to National Flash Fiction Day. I don’t usually like themes and prompts as I generally have lots of story ideas to work on but I did enjoy the challenge of writing these and the 'joining in' aspect. I had another story in Flashflood on the day itself. ‘Maybe’ is my answer to Hemmingway’s famous six word story, I got great comments, on the site and through twitter, and also posted it on the blog here.

'Ivy', my 1000 word long-for-a-flash-short-for-a-short story about a fast food addicted young man getting over the death of his grandmother appeared in Issue 3 of Eclat Fiction and Boiling Mad can be found on 330words and was inspired by a work colleague asking why we call a sandwich a sandwich. I would love to do a reading of this one day. Very very angrily.

Last but not least, Machine Number Five was a favourite of the two writer friends who read it initially, got highly commended in the Creative Writing the Artist's Way Take a Leap Competition (in which my friend Stella Turner 's story 'The Daily Echo and 20 Bensons'  was one of the ten chosen for the Take a leap anthology) then  received lovely comments from strangers on The Pygmy Giant where it now appears, got commented on, with a link on Dan Powell ’s The Long and the Short of It and ... even my mother said she liked it …  twice!

‘Machine Number Five’ is the story of a washing machine that’s had enough of washeteria life and sets off on an adventure. The consensus seems that I’ve been successful at getting into the mind of a machine, making the reader feel empathy and that they're rooting for it. This pleases me so much but really it’s my story; of being brave and leaving my job and home town to go to university in another part of the country.

I have also just received feedback from the first person to read the whole of my novel. I now know that I have a novel and the few things have to do (including the possible removal of a character or the fusing of two characters together) before it's finally ready to send somewhere ... but that is another story.


  1. Sounds like you have had an immensely productive year so far. And receiving that much needed acknowledgement we all seek as writers. You're an inspiration! I loved to hear your back story on the washing machine escape. Wonderful analogy.

  2. Angela

    Thanks for the comment & your kind words. Several times I have been called an inspiration. It's my best compliment!

    It's funny but I only realised after writing 'Machine Number Five' what it was really about.

    Happy Writing!