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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

They’re Not Mythical – Part Two

Tea at the Midland

The ‘mythical requests for the full’ of my previous post are very real. Since February, I’ve had a total of three agents requesting the full manuscript of Queen of the World, two of which have ended in rejection. The third arrived in my inbox yesterday and I sent my manuscript on its way. I’m banking on the truth of that often used saying ‘third time lucky’ but I won’t be putting it down to the gift from a seagull I got recently. In my hair and on my shoulder it was. How on earth can that be considered good luck?

A special Queen-of-the-World related THANK YOU goes this month to my holiday guest, Stella (@stellakateT) who sat on my sofa for a fair chunk of her visit reading my novel. On the last day we went for afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel here in Morecambe and Stella made it very obvious she had read, enjoyed and absorbed my novel from a lot of that-bit-where’s and talking about the characters as if they were real people.


  1. It's such a good story that if this agent doesn't pick it up then they are mad!!
    Not to give too much away but I felt like I was with the characters up on the mountain.
    Loved spending time reading it on your sofa. :)

  2. Sal,

    Sorry to hear about the rejections, but these days no agents ask for the full MS without very good reason - ie: they like your pitch, synopsis etc. So it must be good and publishable. I do hope it's third time lucky, but should that not be the case, keep going.

  3. Thanks Stella ... and as we discussed last week I'm thinking about a sequel!

    Thanks Lindsay! Yes it is very encouraging and more than I expected when I started submitting. Even if I do get a thrid rejection there will be no giving up ...